Bryan Tubera

Bryan Tubera



BS Secondary Education

About Coach

Hello! My name is Bryan Tubera and I am one of your coaches at CrossFit Prescott Valley. I work in public education and taught math for 8 years. My wife and I moved to Prescott Valley in 2014 and joined CFPV shortly after.

Turning Point

Funnily enough, I was opposed to joining CrossFit at first. It looked intimidating and “athletic” was not a word I would’ve used to describe myself. I was not confident in myself or how I felt about my body and was just not comfortable in my own skin. Two months later I thought, “What could it hurt to try it out?” and I’m so glad I did. I surrounded myself with a community where we all shared the same goal, which is the betterment of our physical health. I kept coming back because I enjoyed being with people that lifted me up and cheered me on as we all took on the challenge of fitness.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is related to my passion for helping others. It brings me great joy when I can be a part of someone's success. I’ve been doing CrossFit for several years now at CFPV and we have the best coaches! The coaches here have made everyone’s experience so personal that fitness is accessible and challenging. I wanted to give back to this community and coaching was the way to do it. I want to be a part of your fitness journey and celebrate those successes with you!

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