Irene Lea Smith

Irene Lea Smith

Owner / Coach


CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) Trainer

Level 1 Gymnastics Course Certification

HSN Certified Nutrition Coach

About Coach

I was very athletic as a young kid, playing tennis, basketball, competitive youth volleyball and of course, always swimming. Always swim because I was blessed enough to spend 19 years in my home country Greece and it's hard not to swim in those beautiful waters!! When I hit college and then started working in the theater and entertainment industry in Greece my fitness took the back burner and I honestly had nothing to do with physical activity besides running around for my job. Fast forward many many years and I ended up with a totally different career back in the US as the kitchen manager at a restaurant in Prescott Arizona. I had to do something so I googled CrossFit and CrossFit Prescott Valley looked like the best option... In September of 2015, I walked into my first on-ramp with my now brother-in-law Kevin and the rest is history! But it's great history so here it goes... LOL!! I fell in love with CrossFit and the methodology and what do you know also fell in love with one of my coaches, Paul, waaaaaaayyyy before he even liked me!!!. I took my Level 1 after Kevin and his wife Laura asked me if I wanted to coach ( I was over the moon excited), started coaching and I absolutely loved it. In November of 2018, Coach Paul finally took a different look at me, and in December 2018 we were married. In 2020 I found myself as the manager of a Pain Clinic, happily married and being offered to buy the gym and of course, we did!!

Turning Point

CrossFit and CrossFit Prescott Valley have 100% turned my life around. I only knew a few people in this town and now I have an amazing family that all happen to be a part of our gym. I have always struggled with weight and body image and CrossFit has taught me how to be confident in my own skin, even if I am not where I want to be at any given moment. Even as a Coach, nutrition coach, and now owner of the gym I have my moments when I struggle with my nutrition and fitness but our community is so amazing that they are there to uplift each other but also us and make us drive harder and stick to our goals. There is something amazing to say about a group of individuals from all walks of life, all ages, and all fitness levels coming together for the common goal of health and wellness in a safe and fun environment. It is actually pretty remarkable to be part of a CrossFit community.

Motivation & Passion

CrossFit changes live. It is not easy but it is simple. You show up, you put in the work and you reap the benefits. I find my passion and my motivation in our members that show up and want to get stronger. From our competitive athletes that want to win a competition. From our senior athletes that want to be able to carry their groceries into their homes by themselves. From our "I just want to do something" athletes find their passion after they start. I want to make a difference in people's lives. I want kids to want to be healthy and strong. I want our community to know that chronic disease can be defeated with exercise and nutrition which is CrossFit!! Knowing that I can be a part of that... that motivates me. Watching our members smile.. motivates them. Hearing our kids and teens call me coach and ask me questions.. motivates me.

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