Ken Smith

Ken Smith



About Coach

I was active in sports, primarily baseball and football through high school. I was always doing some type of physical strength and conditioning. Then comes a draft notice from the US Army. Enlisted in the US Navy Diving Program 1970-1974. Led a Team of 12 US Navy Divers through PT each day! In 2009 I met the founder of CrossFit: Greg Glassman. “Ken …you should really give my program a try”. Okay, another type of strength and conditioning!

Turning Point

Only took one workout to get me hooked on the program! Been doing CrossFit since 2009 and in doing so my fitness and health have exceeded those of my Navy days! Greg Glassman encouraged me to get my Level 1. I have been Coaching since 2014 at CrossFit Prescott Valley and will be taking my Level 2 in September of 2023.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching at CrossFit Prescott Valley is fun and rewarding! My age motivates me and gives me a passion to pass on what I have learned and continue to learn each day about the CrossFit prescription for fitness and health (“constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement plus the CrossFit Prescott Valley Community!”)

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