A note from Coach Laura

January 31, 2022
 A note from Coach Laura

Nearly a decade ago I joined my first group fitness class. It was a bootcamp style, body weight class. It was 1 hour long and only 3 days a week. I busted my tail! After only a few short months I realized that all the hard work I put in during those classes was being sabotaged by poor eating habits. The trainer offered a meal plan which I decided to try.  And boy did I! I followed it TO. A. T. I was committed to eating on schedule, brought my shake & pre-made lunches on weekend trips and remember thoroughly enjoying my weekly “cheat meal pizza dinner”. I saw results and it was the first time I equated nutrition & exercise with results. The problem? It was just a meal plan. It didn’t provide me any education or tools to be able to take nutrition into my own hands.  If I followed the plan I saw results, but what happened when I didn’t follow it? I didn’t have any real foundation of how or what I should eat, just that it was important.

Since becoming a CrossFit coach and gym owner it has been my goal and objective to educate and provide clients various tools, resources and opportunities to learn how to take nutrition into their own hands. I’ve always wanted my clients to learn how to properly fuel their own bodies and rather than leaning on someone else to tell them what and when to eat (like my first meal plan did).. I’ve wanted my clients to take ownership of their own nutrition!

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Coach Laura works hard to help each client real helpful and healthy strategies can last a lifetime[/caption]

To help that objective, our gym has run various nutrition challenges; exploring different food lists, tracking macros, zone diet, paleo etc.. each having their own benefits and each providing more tools and knowledge of food choices, portion sizes and balance.  But, we wanted more for our clients.  And that is where Healthy Steps Nutrition comes in.

Making the decision to partner with Healthy Steps Nutrition has not only elevated my own knowledge as an individual and coach but has further driven my passion to provide the absolute best for our clients. The HSN program is founded and written by a registered dietician. A credential I’ve waited years to be able to incorporate into our gym. There is so much information out there, it’s hard to know what’s right for you.

Our approach is to:

  1. Meet with you 1 on 1 and discuss your goals, current habits, & challenges
  2. Customize a plan that’s right for YOU
  3. Provide ongoing accountability and support to make sure you reach your goals

Personally,  I’ve done everything from following a designated meal plan, strict Paleo, the zone diet, tracking macros and have also just eaten with no strings attached :).  In all cases, my goals were a little different, but one thing that has and will continue to remain the same: my desire to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle, to do my part through nutrition to prevent sickness and provide my kids a foundation of healthy nutrition and to truly live “moderation in all things”… maybe this sounds like your goal too? Or maybe, in addition you want to tack on weight lose, increasing muscle or improving performance. Whatever your specific goal is, the bottom line is: The foundation to lasting success, starts with nutrition.

Join me and the CFPV family to take ownership of your nutrition with proper habits, customized goals and ongoing support and get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life!

Learn more at: crossfitprescottvalley/nutrition-coaching/

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