What is Relative Intensity

January 14, 2022
What is Relative Intensity

When we talk CrossFit we usually talk about intensity. The definition of CrossFit is "functional movements executed at high intensity". The word intensity can be really scary to some; especially those that have been inactive for a long period of time. There are many myths out there regarding CrossFit because of the intensity factor. One such myth is the idea that you have to be "fit" already to start the program.CrossFit is a Fitness Program. It is designed to work for any person in any walk of life. This is what functional fitness is really about. The word functional simply means that it is useful for you in your life. The functions of picking things up, putting things on shelves overhead, carrying groceries from the car to your house, and performing life tasks like sitting on a couch are all elements of movement the human body is designed to do!We teach the correct movement patterns for these movements, and couple them with intensity for a relevant, dynamic, and exciting fitness program. So, what is relative intensity. This simply defines intensity to be different for each person. What is intense for you, is different that what is intense for your mom, a beginner, or an advanced athlete. The key is to challenge oneself past ones comfort zone where the most adaptation can take place.Responsible trainers and a motivated athlete can achieve desired results through a collaborative and guided experience. So, when you see the word intensity, do not get nervous. Think about how you can add some intensity into your daily exercise routine and watch as the results begin to pour on![caption id="attachment_29261" align="alignnone" width="1920"]

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that is tailored to your needs, along with the ability to participate in a group setting[/caption]

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