The Food Fix

January 14, 2022
The Food Fix

CrossFit and Nutrition

Most people that begin CrossFit are looking to make a change. Most often, people come in with the goal of losing weight. In many instances, these individuals have already tried many different fitness programs and are beginning CrossFit because they think the intensity of the program is what they need. These individuals are of course half correct! Intensity in CrossFit is the one thing that can bring adaptation to the body and create lasting benefits that get results. This should be done methodically and under the careful eye of your CrossFit coach. The challenge lies in pushing the limits of ones comfort without jeopardizing ones safety, but that is a different post!

Food is the Foundation of Fitness

The foundation of any fitness program should include nutrition as a part of the program. The general prescription for what to eat is stated in a simple sentence. The main goal of a diet guideline is to consider the following: Eat lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar! What a simple concept. The problem that most people encounter is a significant one. Sugar tastes so good AND it is in everything! Is it really possible to avoid sugar all the time for the rest of one's life? The fact is treats have a place in our life, and can be a part of a healthy balanced diet. These are all considered 10% food items. These are the items that we only want to consume around 10% of the time, meaning healthy whole foods are making up 90% of your diet.[caption id="attachment_31480" align="aligncenter" width="238"]

The pyramid of fitness prioritizes a theoretical hierarchy of needs a fitness routine should include. Nutrition is the base that health and wellness are built on.[/caption]

The Plate Method

We really believe the best way to learn how to build meals it to utilize the plate method when making meals for yourself. The concept is very easy. You will fill a quarter of your plate with a lean meat, a quarter of your plate with a healthy starch, half of your plate will be filled with delicious green veggies, and you will add two thumb size servings of a healthy fat to your plate to top off a nutritious and delicious well balanced meal!

[caption id="attachment_31481" align="aligncenter" width="310"]

consider filling your plate with more whole foods for majority of your meals and try to avoid package food items with labels.[/caption]

The Key to Change

The key to success in changing a diet is to start creating new habits. These changes can be hard and overwhelming, so we recommend that you start with one thing and nail it consistently. Consistency over time is the most simple concept; however, it can be the most difficult. It takes a lot of discipline and commitment at first. If you have never considered your diet, you should pick one thing to work on and commit to that for 2-3 weeks. That could be not drinking soda, or avoiding an afternoon treat, or drinking coffee without sugar. These are small changes, but over time, they stack up to make for a successful journey that can last a lifetime! Bon Appetit!

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