Gym Bag Essentials

January 14, 2022
Gym Bag Essentials

By nature our CrossFit Prescott Valley group classes are so diverse that it can be difficult to decide what workout gear to have everyday for a workout. Here is a post that will help with the decisions on what to stuff in the gym bag! It is important to be prepared for just about any workout. The workout of the day might include weightlifting, rope climbs, pull ups, running, rowing, biking, jump roping, and the list goes on! Over the years, the gym bag has grown with multiple accessories. Some are very useful for everyday activities, while others are stored away, waiting for the one opportunity to get called out and put into action! Here is a list of the gym bag essentials that should be in your bag at all times, ready to help crush a workout at any time!

Knee Sleeves

Knee Sleeves are important and can be used almost everyday. What I like about the sleeves, especially the neoprene ones, is that they provide some compression while aiding in keeping the knee joint warm. This is becoming more and more important as the years continue to tick by. If you do not have a pair yet, we recommend having these and having them ready for action on a daily basis. Please remember to wash them from time to time though, no one wants to smell those bad boys in the middle of an intense workout.

Rock Tape Shin Sleeves (guards)

A staple movement in a good program is the use of rope climbs. In CrossFit, the intention of moving a large load over distances quickly can really be achieved by the rope climb. If you have done them, you know that the rope can be unforgiving as the friction point of the shin and the rope can really "heat" up and leave you with a nice reminder of the workout you just crushed for days to come. To avoid getting this nasty reminder, we recommend grabbing some shin sleeves and leaving them in your bag. You will always have a back up ready to go in case you forget your socks. In addition to rope climbs, the sleeves can be nice for deadlift day too!

Athletic Tape

Tape is an everyday essential and very versatile. It can be used to protect the hands from blistering on the barbell, or can be fashioned up to be an awesome set of gymnastics hand wraps. The best thing about tape is one gets a lot of protection without losing the "natural" feel of the hands on the bar. I highly recommend having a few rolls stuffed in the bag at all times.

Wrist Wraps

The wrist wrap is another staple that should be left in every gym bag. A little extra support for the wrist can go a long way in CrossFit Style workouts. The program can call for overhead pressing, push ups, and handstand work. These movements can be made just a little bit more comfortable with the use of wrist wraps. For heavy lifting, consider getting wraps in place of velcro straps. They are more secure and durable and will stand the abuse for the long haul!

Weightlifting Belt

The weightlifting belt is another essential that an athlete should carry in their bag. The belt can help you learn how to brace the midsection by requiring you to press your abs and low back into the belt creating tension all around the midsection. We do not recommend that you become dependent on the belt, but have it ready on reserve for those days when you just might need a little extra!

Treat yo' Self

If you do not have these five essential items, put them on your list to begin acquiring. There are many more accessories that you may want, but with these five items, you will be ready for almost any physical task that could be required on an average day at the gym. Of course, you do not need any of them to have a great workout and a great time, but accessorizing for your hobby is fun! After all, If you feel good, you perform good, RIGHT?! Happy Shopping!

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